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Sesame oil
Sesame oil
Sesame oil
Sesame oil
6 $/шт FCA  
опт 6 - 7 $/шт
Wishing you all the best and hoping for a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We offer you our 100% unrefined first-class natural product - sesame oil. Sesame oil has a lot of calcium, which is easily absorbed by the body and used for beauty ( for exp: for hair and skin) energy value 100 gr
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20 мая 2022
230 $/mt CIF
Specifications 1. unsalted sweet cream butter 2. made from pure cow milk 3. high quality, supply constantly 4. haccp, halal, iso, gmp, oem pure cow milk butter 82%, butter 72%, unsalted cream butter, frozen butter 82% fat, yellow unsalted butter, unsalted block butter 82%(25kg), unsalted sweet
+2 объявления
2 июл 2020
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